What do you do when you need groceries?

Wgrocerieshile Abby Services is the best option for professional in-home health caregivers often the question arises, ” What should we do about groceries?”. If a client wishes, grocery shopping can be used as an opportunity to socialize and get out of the home with the support of a caregiver. When a client is unable or does not wish to leave their home, a caregiver can still help their client get groceries. One of the biggest challenges is determining the best way to pay for these groceries.

While all caregivers complete state-required background screening, providing a Credit Card is not recommended because of a number of security risks. The same risk for abuse, theft, or loss, applies to checks and cash. Another challenge is when families manage expenses from out of state.

So what should you do when you know someone needs groceries but is unable to get them themselves? In the past when receiving private in-home care, one of the most secure flexible options was just to get a pre-filled card either from a specific store or a prepaid credit card with a limited amount. This enables a caregiver to purchase the goods their client requires while limiting a client’s risk of theft, fraud, and loss. Caregivers would keep receipts for a patient’s family, or whoever is managing their care, to review when the card needs refilled. While not perfect, this is a flexible option that suits most clients’ needs.



A new option that could simplify this process even further is a grocery delivery service called SHIPT. As outlined on the SHIPT website you simply order your groceries online using a computer, tablet, or mobile device, they shop for you, and then deliver your order. Using the SHIPT service you can manage and pay for groceries and other products from home, out of state, or wherever your life takes you.




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