Our Abby Services Team

Scott Strachan Abby Services

Scott Strachan

| Owner

Scott Strachan is an RN and Administrator of Abby Services. His extensive experience makes him a key member of the Abby Services Team.

He has been a caregiver with Abby Services while working as a CNA. Scott attended Nursing School at Penn State University. As an RN he has worked in a variety of settings throughout the country including Med-Surg, Hospice, Palliative Care, Oncology, Ortho, Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, Neuro ICU, Cardiac Rehab, and In-Home Care. He has even worked locally at Healthpark Hospital, Shell Point, and other local facilities.

Scott would most likely say that he grew up in Western Pennsylvania but has worked throughout the country as a Travel Nurse. Fort Myers has been home for some time though. Although not a huge sports fan, you can tell where he is from by the Pirates, and Steelers hats he wears when not working.

Jaimee Thompson Abby Services

Jaimee Thompson

| Owner

Jaimee Thompson is often known as the face of Abby Services. She is an important member of the Abby Services Team. She has been with the service since it was founded in 1997 and works hard to promote the professional In-Home Care services we offer. She is very active in the community and works closely with Abby Services Community Partners. You may see her visiting individuals at some of the best senior care facilities in our area. Jaimee is proud of the fair and honest service Abby Services has become known for.

Although Jaimee grew up outside of Pittsburgh, she moved to Fort Myers in 2006 with her family. She graduated from Cypress Lake High School and definitely now considers Fort Myers home.

Tom Strachan Abby Services

Tom Strachan

| Founder

Tom Strachan is the founder of Abby Services and the original Abby Services team member. Prior to starting Abby Services, Tom had experience on an Administrative level at Senior Care facilities across the country.  Being well versed in the needs of the senior population Tom saw a major lack of quality personal care services in our area. When he started Abby Services there were only a few others in our area providing this type of service. Since founding Abby Services he has watched similar services come and go. He believes that adhering to his original plan of providing a fair, honest, and cost-efficient service is the reason why Abby Services continues to exist today.

Tom is the father of Scott and Jaimee and is also a professional grandfather. He has been named grandfather of the year for over the past 7 years.

Alyssa Erb Abby Services

Alyssa Duffy

| Location Manager

Alyssa Duffy is very often the friendly voice you hear when calling Abby Services. Alyssa joined our team in 2011 and has grown with Abby Services. She has a Business Management background and helps keep Abby Services, our patients, and the caregivers we work with organized.

Alyssa grew up in Hartville, Ohio and enjoys the fact that in South Florida we have the unique opportunity to work with seniors from all over the country, including her home state.