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alzheimer's in home care - in home memory care

Alzheimer's in home care - In home memory care - Fort Myers & Cape Coral

We help seniors manage Alzheimer’s in-home care and in-home memory care throughout Fort Myers and Cape Coral by referring trained in-home caregivers.

How can Abby Services help with Alzheimer's in home care?

Managing a loved one’s memory care at home can be a daunting task. Many spouses and loved ones attempt to provide care themselves for as long as they possibly can.

Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease and continually gets worse. Eventually, even the most devoted family caregivers run the risk of caregiver burnout and realize they need additional help to manage their loved ones’ Alzheimer’s in-home care.

Due to the nature of Alzheimer’s disease, patients require constant care and attention, to ensure they are safe. This becomes challenging to manage when families must find the support of not just one in-home caregiver but multiple caregivers.

Families can easily become overwhelmed when attempting to manage multiple caregivers in an attempt to ensure the needs of their memory-impaired loved ones are met.

That’s why it is important to work with in-home memory care professionals who are familiar with the needs of families of dementia patients.

Abby Services has access to a large pool of qualified, trained, professional Alzheimer’s in-home care providers and the resources to help you direct their care. 

In-home memory care cost is a genuine concern.

When you need Alzheimer’s in home care, cost can quickly become a concern. This is due to the nature of Alzheimer’s disease. There may be long periods of time a patient may not require direct support. It only takes a moment for a client to wander unattended. 

While Abby Services has some of our areas most cost efficient caregivers in-home memory costs can add up, especially when considering 12 and 24 hour periods that require a caregivers monitoring and support. The following are the most common ways families pay for Alzheimer’s in home care.


  • Private pay is the most common way families pay for in home memory care. This basically means that clients and their families pay out of pocket for in home care.
    • Abby Services works with families to find balance between the cost of having a caregover, and when you truly require a caregiver. This may be by working with friends and family who are caregivers to leveraging technology to monitor clients when they are not prone to wandering.
  • Long-term care insurance is another very common way clients pay for in home memory care. Long-term care insurance or (LTCI) can cover all of the cost or can be used to help offset the cost of Alzheimer’s in home care.
    • LTCI’s can be confusing and challenging to navigate. Especially when tasked with managing dementia care. Abby Services can help make sense of confusing policies and be sure clients receive all of teh benefits they are entitled to.
    • Abby Services can help you understand what your LTCI policy covers, how much it covers, and can help you manage all documentation needed to access and get paid by your policy.

Who is best suited to manage a private in-home caregiver? YOU!

Yes! You can independently manage your Alzheimer’s in home care, but don’t try to do it alone. Our nurse, Scott Strachan has the experience and training to help families develop a personalized care plan that addresses the unique needs of a memory impaired patient. With our support and input, families can develop a care plan that delivers stability, support, and quality of life.

Developing a client-directed care plan with clear expectations and guidelines allows your in-home care provider to receive direction from the individual who knows the patient best, you.

By developing a personalized list of patient and family expectations, direction, and information, we can help to ensure the in-home caregiver you work with has the tools necessary to be sure your loved one receives the best memory care in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and all of Southwest Florida.

The in-home care providers we refer are truly what makes all the difference.

When combined with your guidance, Abby Services’ expertise, and the specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia training your caregiver has received, your caregiver can monitor, assess, and address your loved one’s needs on a personal basis. This is accomplished by developing and adopting a flexible daily routine to support your loved ones in their home. By following this process we help families find in home caregivers who provide the bets memory care in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and all of Southwest Florida.

Flexibility is especially important with constantly changing needs.

Patient and family needs may change frequently when receiving in-home care. We help families and their loved ones remain in control by allowing them to choose how, when, and where they would like their in-home caregiver.

This is an important tool to help manage in home memory care cost. By utilizing a personalized, flexible, and tailored approach, we can help families as their needs change. This flexible approach helps to ensure their loved one can remain in-home, and age in place, for as long as they choose.

Local memory care support and knowledge.

Abby Services has been helping the residents of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and all of Lee County find the best in-home caregivers in Southwest Florida. Our experience in this area goes back to 1996 when we first started, and continues to this day. We work together with our area’s leading senior experts to be sure you get the help you need.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are often confused and used interchangeably. However, it is important to recognize their differences.

Dementia is a general term for loss of memory, thinking, and reasoning skills that are severe enough to interfere with daily life including problems with language, behavior, memory, and emotions.

There are diseases and conditions other than Alzheimer’s which can cause dementia such as Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injuries, and infections.

When an individual is diagnosed with dementia, they are being diagnosed based on a set of symptoms. Some forms of dementia are temporary or reversible.

Caring for an individual who has dementia can have many challenges. We have included a great tool for those caring for a patient with dementia below.

Alzheimer’s disease is one specific form of dementia that affects parts of the brain that control thought, memory, and language. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include impaired thought, speech, and confusion. Alzheimer’s is not reversible or curable however in some instances dementia could be.

Alzheimer's and dementia support in your home.

Online resources are a key component of in-home support available to help families managing memory impairment. National options include the Alzheimers Association and The American Alzheimer’s Foundation but neither of those focuses on memory care in Fort Myers and Cape Coral the way The Dubin Center does. 

The staff and volunteers at The Dubin Center combine local expertise with resource referrals, education, and support groups. This provides a unique opportunity to directly assist and support our local residents and their families in managing memory impairment.

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