June Is Stroke Awareness Month

Abby Services has been helping seniors in Fort Myers and Cape coral stay independent by helping them find excellent in-home caregivers. All too often, one of the reasons someone needs in-home care is due to a stroke.

Scott Strachan, one of the owners of Abby Services, and an RN has seen this first hand while working on a Neuro ICU. According to Scott, “It’s amazing and terrifying that someone’s world can change that quickly and that drastically forever.”

Scott has seen firsthand how quickly and drastically a Stroke can alter someone’s life. Strokes can cause death, lifelong disabilities, or, if caught early, can be treated. That’s why we wanted to share with you a stroke awareness tool.

Stroke Awareness Tool

Using this tool you can educate yourself on what a stroke is, how they are treated, and warning signs of a stroke. Using this information could help to prevent a stroke or, if a stroke is detected, minimize damages and permanent disability.

Should you or someone you know need support after they have suffered from a stroke do not hesitate to call Abby Services. With the support of a private caregiver, many individuals can remain safe and independent. Just call 239-590-0861!

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