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Carpet Cleaning

In-home caregivers from Abby Services can assist with light housekeeping but sometimes you need more.

Carpet Cleaning may be necessary from time to time even when you or your in-home caregiver regularly vacuum and care for your carpet.

The senior caregivers referred by Abby Services can assist with many things including ADLs and homemaking. This can include regular vacuuming. However sometimes even with regular vacuuming, a carpet may still require a deep cleaning that you or an in-home caregiver can’t complete. That’s when to call in the big guns, here are some suggestions when considering a carpet cleaning service.


Article adapted from USA Today Classifieds Blog

Yes, even with a private in-home caregiver from Abby Services assisting you with housekeeping and carpet care, you will need the help of a professional with the right equipment to get your carpets really clean.

No matter how careful you are, your carpet needs a deep clean every 1-2 years to remove underlying dirt and debris.

Many choose a professional carpet cleaning service to get the job done. The following are things to consider.

Professional Carpet Cleaning:

Professional carpet cleaning involves heavy-duty tools such as a steam cleaning machine. Professional carpet cleaners may use portable steam cleaning machines or a large truck-based unit. Truck-mounted machines are more powerful than their consumer-grade portable alternative which allows a deeper, more thorough clean.

HomeGuide.com reports that on average you can expect to pay $25 – $70 per room. The average cost of carpet cleaning is $0.25 per square foot of carpet or between $25 to $70 per room. Most homeowners pay about $50 per room. For an average three-bedroom home, you can expect to pay $175 whereas larger whole-house cleans can cost between $300 to $600. It’s always best to request a quote which is typically free.

Ensure you get a written quote before bringing in a carpet cleaning company. There can be additional unexpected charges for specific situations, such as removing stubborn spots, cleaning more difficult carpeted areas such as stairs, and more.

It is always best to communicate your expectations and do a walkthrough prior to beginning a job to make sure you don’t have any unexpected charges.

Professionals may identify that your carpet needs repaired, this could include buckling, ripples, and wrinkling. Should these issues be identified you should address the repairs first. Otherwise, you may find a carpet cleaning service that will actually harm your carpet. Your carpet cleaning service may even be able to recommend someone who can complete the necessary repairs.

No two companies are the same. Much like In-home care you need to research the service you are hiring. Referrals and references are always a good thing to check. To help get you started we have identified a few Carpet Cleaning Services in Lee County that can service clients in Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

Fort Myers and Cape Coral Carpet Cleaners

Spalding Carpet Cleaning: Spalding Carpet Cleaners has been serving the Southwest Florida area with professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, ceramic tile and grout cleaning, and water extraction since 1980.

Gulf Coast Carpet Cleaning: Chris & Kelly Hildenbrand are the owners of Gulf Coast Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Their company has served Fort Myers and surrounding counties for over 10 years. Like Abby Services, they are a local family-owned and operated business.

Expert Carpet Cleaning:  They use “The Power” of Truck Mounted Steam Tile Cleaning to get your tile and grout lines clean and dry in hours not days! All of their work is Satisfaction Guaranteed and they have over 30 yrs of Tile Cleaning Experience.

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