Safe Senior Care = Deficiency Free State Survey

safe senior care = deficiency-free survey

How do you find safe senior care?

In Florida, you find safe senior care by trusting the experts. AHCA surveys hospitals, nursing homes, and in-home care services to be sure they are safe.

How do you know who you can trust to find safe senior care?

It’s a common question. Everyone claims to be an expert, the challenge is knowing who truly is providing safe senior care.

For In-Home Care, and most regulated health industries, The Agency For Healthcare Administration or AHCA is the expert. They enforce the guidelines that our In-Home Caregiver business and others have to operate by.

Surprise AHCA surveys.

AHCA does this typically through surprise visits that can occur every 2 years or more. An AHCA surveyor shows up unannounced to do a thorough review to be sure a business is living up to the guidelines that govern their profession.

In-home care violations can jeopardize safe senior care.

Surprisingly many In-Home Care businesses have violations ranging from improper background checks to providing skilled services they are not licensed to provide. This can be a danger to the population they serve.

Abby Services has many, many, deficiency-free surveys.

Abby Services has been in business since 1997 and during that time we have had many surveys that were perfect. What this means is that a surveyor acknowledges that we meet or exceed all of the guidelines that ensure the patients and caregivers we work with are safe.

So how do you find the best in-home care? Don’t take our word for it, see what the experts see. Although challenging to navigate here is a link to The Agency For Healthcare Administrations website where you can find survey reports.

Here’s a fun video we made to brag about our success! In the video, we share that it is hard work to be deficiency-free, but in the end, it’s worth it for the patients and caregivers we serve to help them find safe senior care.

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