Helpful Tips When Traveling With Seniors

Traveling with seniors

Traveling with seniors can be a challenge but can also be very rewarding if prepared. 

Things to consider when traveling with seniors.

Summer is here, and for many that means travel. Your plans may involve traveling with a senior. Fortunately in South Florida, we don’t have far to go to get to many premier destinations.

Even though, in Fort Myers, we have excellent beaches just around the corner, traveling with a senior can present its own set of challenges.

At Abby Services, in addition to helping local seniors find excellent caregivers, we also help visiting seniors find a short-term caregiver to assist them during their stay. We can also help traveling seniors secure a caregiver to accompany them to their final destination.

Are you confused about what to consider when traveling with a senior? Don’t worry! This month’s tool is a useful tip sheet that will help you decide things to consider when traveling with seniors.

Are you traveling to Fort Myers, Sanibel, or Cape Coral with a senior?

If so, Abby Services can help you and those traveling and vacationing in Fort Myers, Sanibel, and Cape Coral find reliable short-term caregivers.

Abby Services can help people traveling to our area find excellent caregivers. The professional caregivers we work with are available for as little as 4 hours to assist with many things. Often when traveling with seniors family members are not prepared or suited to assist with their needs. This could include, bathing, feeding, transferring, and ambulation. With a private caregiver, a family, and the seniors they love, can focus on enjoying each other’s company and have the help they need to be sure they are safe and properly supported.

Do you need a caregiver to accompany your senior to a final destination?

On the surface, this seems simple however it can be very challenging. Here are some things to consider when requesting a caregiver to travel with you.

  • You will be paying for your caregiver’s time from door to door.
    • Yes, this seems simple until you consider, layovers, travel delays, and other unforeseeable interruptions. For this reason, it is difficult to estimate a total cost from point a to point b.
  • Travel Expenses.
    • Travel expenses can add up. Most caregivers cannot travel with a packed lunch. For this reason, clients needing a private caregiver for travel would be responsible for both their and their caregivers’ travel expenses. We recommend these be budgeted when discussing cost.
  • What if?
    • The biggest challenge in this scenario are the “what if’s”. What if after buying a plane ticket for your caregiver they get sick? What if a client gets sick? What if, what if, what if? While we cannot manage all of the what if’s we will work with you to help consider the what if’s involved in traveling with a senior.


Often, many of the challenges of having a caregiver travel with a senior are solved by a trusted loved one or family member traveling with the senior. In this case, they have the resources and support to make the challenging and critical decisions that can and do sometimes arise. In this case, be sure to refer to our senior travel tip sheet below.

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