Simple Senior Meal Delivery: Seniors benefit from personal chefs!

senior meal delivery

Personal Chefs Help Seniors

Senior meal delivery is important for a number of reasons. Some seniors struggle with preparing healthy nutritious meals. To meet their dietary needs a meal delivery service may be the answer.

Options for senior nutrition. Private caregivers and senior meal delivery services.

It’s National Personal Chef Day as this posts (who knew). There was a time where I thought a personal chef was a luxury reserved for only the rich and famous. While that may still be the case there are a number of services and entrepreneurs who make having a personal chef a reality.

Let’s face it, some of us (most of us) have been guilty of poor dietary choices. Poor dietary choices and options can be compounded for seniors who may be homebound, have limited mobility, or limited access to resources. Poor dietary choices can have direct effects on a senior’s health including death! To help AARP has some excellent healthy recipes for your in-home caregiver / personal chef to prepare.

Death through poor dietary choices may seem a bit drastic but not necessarily so when you consider the dietary restrictions required with some diagnoses including cardiac disease, and diabetes. 

Scott Strachan an RN and one of the owners of Abby Services was formerly CNA who worked as a private in-home caregiver. While doing in-home visits he would often see seniors who had poor diets simply because of a lack of options.

According to Scott, “I would see a freezer full of TV dinners. These are ok every once in a while but are loaded with sodium, fat, and other things that can negatively affect a senior’s health.”

Even things like canned soup which is seemingly healthy are packed with Sodium. The negative outcome of poor dietary choices was obvious while working in a Cardiac ICU when Scott would see patients who had diets high in sodium that directly led to the heart attacks they were being treated for.

A personal chef can help maintain a healthy, safe, and tasty diet!

In working with a personal chef, either as an in-home caregiver or through a senior meal delivery service, a senior can make healthier choices. 

Most services deliver. Meals are often portioned out and can be frozen and saved to be reheated later. In Fort Myers, one personal chef who is making a difference is Chef Eli with Eli’s Meals. You can follow her on Facebook here

You can also email Chef Eli at [email protected] for weekly menus and pricing details!.

Don’t forget, while not professional personal chef’s your private in-home caregiver can assist with meal preparation to help keep you and your loved ones safe, independent, and in their home.

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