The Dubin Center: 1 of the best memory care resources in Fort Myers

memory care resources in Fort Myers

Finding memory care support in Fort Myers can be challenging.

You need help when managing Alzheimer’s and dementia. The Dubin Center is one of the best memory care resources in Fort Myers.

Memory care resources in Fort Myers.

Abby Services In-Home Caregivers are just one of the memory care resources in Fort Myers available to help local residents manage their care. The caregivers we work with are trained to support seniors with memory impairment and have the experience necessary to help your loved ones in their homes.

All too often, the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s disease, require the in-home care support of services such as ours, together with support from other community resources. The Dubin Center is one of the premier memory care resources in Fort Myers. They serve all Lee County Residents struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease.

What is the Dubin Center?

The Dubin Center is one of the memory care resources in Fort Myers and a local United Way organization. They provide assistance and support to persons with Alzheimer’s and related dementia and their caregivers. The Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center is operated by a staff of five which includes the Executive Director, Executive Assistant, Health Education Specialist, and two Masters Level Social Workers.

The Dubin Center is also assisted by a host of volunteers who make it possible to provide services to the local residents affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The Dubin Center provides assistance through information and referral, counseling, health education, and crisis intervention.

The mission of the Dubin Center is to provide educational, informational, and supportive resources for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders and their caregivers.

  1. Monthly Caregiver’s Support Groups
  2. Early Stage Alzheimer’s Support Group
  3. Speakers
  4. Educational Resources for Professionals and the general public
  5. Lending library of books, videotapes, and other written material
  6. Individualized assistance to help families cope with the disease
  7. Safety Program/Wanders Identification Bracelets
  8. Quarterly Newsletter

Do you struggle to find memory care resources in Fort Myers?

It is important to know that you are not alone. In the United States, approximately 40% of people over the age of 65 experience age-related memory impairment. Memory and mental health are closely connected. Helping seniors stay sharp can also improve their quality of life. (NCBI)

If you need to find memory care resources in Fort Myers, we can help. By working together with Abby Services in-home Care, and The Dubin  Center, you can help to ensure the safety, comfort, dignity, and welfare of your loved one in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lee County, and Southwest Florida.

How Abby Services helps seniors find the memory care resources in Fort Myers they need to remain independent.

Managing a loved one’s memory care at home can be a daunting task. Many spouses and loved ones attempt to provide care themselves for as long as they possibly can.

Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease and continually gets worse. Eventually, even the most devoted family caregivers run the risk of caregiver burnout and realize they need additional help to manage their loved ones’ dementia in-home care.

Due to the nature of Alzheimer’s disease, patients often require constant care and attention, to ensure they are safe. This becomes challenging to manage when families must find the support of not just one in-home caregiver but multiple caregivers.

Families can easily become overwhelmed when attempting to manage multiple caregivers in an attempt to ensure the needs of their memory-impaired loved ones are met.

That’s why it is important to work with in-home memory care professionals who are familiar with the needs of families of dementia patients.

Abby Services has access to a large pool of qualified, trained, professional Alzheimer’s in-home care providers and the resources to help you direct their care. 

By working with a caregiver through Abby Services memory impaired seniors can stay safe and secure in their homes. 

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