The Truth About Independent Contractor Workers Comp and Occupational Accidental Insurance

independent contractor workers comp

Independent Contractor Workers Comp, and Occupational Accidental Insurance

Often clients ask about Independent Contractor Workers Comp Insurance when working with Independent Contractors. They either ask because they have been told this is a risk for them, or because they are genuinely concerned about what would happen should an accident occur in their home.

The reality is that workers comp protects employees and their employers, not consumers according to the Florida Department Of Financial Services. So what should you do if you have independent contractors working in your home? Sometimes you may not even be aware the individual is a 1099 independent contractor, such as some postal service workers, a Mary Kay representative, or any number of other hard-working individuals.

Your homeowners insurance is your best protection when anyone is working in your home.

It has been our experience, that for a consumer, the best protection when anyone is working in their home, is through their homeowner’s insurance. We encourage every client to review their policy and contact their homeowner’s insurance provider with any concerns or questions. 

Workers Compensation Insurance does not protect the consumer as many are falsely led to believe.  Workers Compensation Insurance protects the employer should an employee injure themselves while on the job.

Because Abby Services is a nurse registry that works with Independently Employed Caregivers it is at the caregivers’ discretion to independently obtain Workers Comp or any other desired insurance.

One type of insurance that provides coverage similar to Workers Comp is Occupational Accident Insurance. Should any caregiver or client desire coverage here is a link to a provider.

Occupational Accident Insurance

By definition, an occupational accident is an unexpected and unplanned occurrence, including acts of violence, arising out of or in connection with work that results in one or more workers incurring a personal injury, disease, or death.

Occupational accident insurance coverage provides benefits to independent contractors injured or killed in a job-related accident.

If an employee is injured on the job they have workers’ compensation to protect them for their medical, disability, and death expenses. Depending on the individual state law, independent contractors may not be covered under workers’ compensation insurance.

A job-related injury can have enormous financial consequences if there is no coverage. According to The International Labor Organization, there are 340 million work-related injuries each year.

TFG Occupational Accidental Insurance reports that their insurance provides:

  • Alternative to workers compensation
  • Low weekly premium
  • No large upfront deposit
  • Pay as you go coverage
  • Available to independent contractors
  • Backed by an A.M. Best “A” rated XIII company

When working with independent contractors the decision for independent contractor workers comp type coverage lies with the worker and sometimes with their clients who desires or requires coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance is required for employees and built into the prices we all pay when working with a business that has employees. In essence, consumers are paying for protection that is provided for the business and caregiver, while seeing no benefit themselves. Despite workers comp coverage, consumers may be sued not only by an individual for an unsafe situation but should an injury occur, a consumer faces the risk of being sued by a workers comp legal team.

Caregivers working independently wanting the type of protection available through employers may choose occupational accidental coverage. This will provide protection and coverage should they injure themselves while in their chosen line of work. Workers may however determine that the cost of protection, is not worth the benefit, and choose to avoid potentially unsafe situations to manage their personal injury risk.

Alternatively, consumers may decide the protection afforded by workers’ compensation type coverage is important to them and will need to make the choice of whether they want to pay for that type of coverage.

At the end of the day, independent contractor workers comp style protection is available at a cost. unlike workers comp which is built into the prices, we pay when working with an employee. Alternatively, consumers may choose to contact and review their homeowner’s protection to ensure they have the most appropriate coverage for their individual needs.

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