Accushield “Protection”. 1 reason outside caregivers cost more at nursing facilities.


Does Accushield help to protect your loved one?

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Many local facilities have begun implementing a digital sign-in requirement provided by Accushield.

According to the Accushield website “The Accushield Visitor Sign-in System replaces the paper sign-in logs at entrances to Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, and CCRC communities and in their place utilizes a touchscreen Tablet to sign-in families and friends and to confirm receipt of required credentials from third-party healthcare providers and other vendors working in senior living communities.”


That is a great question. On their website, this is Accushield’s response.

Many senior living owners and operators are becoming increasingly concerned with the safety risk and liability associated with un-screened/un-credentialed third-party health care providers and vendors (i.e. Private-sitters, Home Health, Hospice, etc.) that stream in and out of communities and work hands on with residents and staff.

To address this industry-wide concern, They have created a touchscreen, badge-printing Tablet to automate the sign-in process and confirm receipt of required credentials (i.e. criminal background check, liability insurance, immunizations, etc.) from third-party health care providers and other vendors working in senior living communities.

By removing the paper sign-in clipboard from the front of the community and replacing it with the innovative touchscreen kiosk, senior living communities add a layer of protection for residents and staff while minimizing risk and potential litigation.

How much does this cost?

Accushield currently charges outside providers $9.00/month/ individual to use their digital sign-in sheet. At Abby Services we pride ourselves on transparent cost-efficient options for private caregivers. We have chosen to be very honest and clear about these fees. This is why, if your facility uses Accushield, you will see an additional fee of $9.00/per caregiver/month on your invoice.

The protective “services” Accushield provides are already state-required for licensed service providers. The Agency For Healthcare Administration who oversees senior care facilities in Florida is the same organization that requires these safeguards.

This redundancy creates an increased cost for the consumer under the guise of providing additional protection. We have found that when transparent about the cost most consumers do not believe the additional protection provided by Accushield is worth it.

Does Accushield protect above and beyond the safeguards already in place from state liscensed caregiver services like Abby Services?

No it does not. The safeguards Accushield has in place are redundant and already state-required by licensed healthcare services. Accushield simply serves to inflate the cost for consumers when using or requiring outside service providers.

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