Do you need senior in-home care services? 10 reasons you should work with a Nurse Registry like Abby Services.

senior in-home care services

When seeking senior in-home care services, you need to work with a service you can trust.

With so many senior in-home care services it is hard to know which one you can trust. One way is their involvement in professional organizations promoting best practices.

Abby Services is a senior in-home care service you can trust.

Abby Services knows that when you or a loved one require private in-home care you should trust a State Licensed Nurse Registry. That’s why we are proud members of The PCA or Private Care Association. 

Since 1977, the Private Care Association (PCA) has been the voice of private duty home care. The PCA has an involved government relations program that actively works with public policymakers at the state and federal levels to promote the interests of self-employed caregivers and families who choose the consumer-directed model of care.

As the only national voice for home care registries, the PCA continues to expand its membership in order to develop a greater capability for nationwide grassroots advocacy.

By using a Nurse Registry we put your care in your control because you make the decisions about the type of care you want, when you want it, where you want it and how you want it.

When using an experienced registry such as Abby Services you can have senior in-home caregivers referred to you who meets your specific needs and requirements.

Abby Services can provide you with information, advice, counsel, consumer tips, and a list of qualified caregivers who fit your criteria, but ultimately it is the consumer seeking senior in-home care services who makes the decisions.  At its simplest Abby Services helps clients and caregivers find one another so they can decide on who is best matched to whom we often liken it to a matchmaking service.

Expertise you can trust

Abby Services can be helpful at any time, but they can be especially helpful when time is of the essence.  We can help find a reliable caregiver on short notice. We are available overnight and on the weekends to help our clients when they need a caregiver the most.

Rather than leaving a senior to struggle to determine who is qualified and who is not, Abby Services has caregivers available who have completed and cleared background checks and who meet the rigorous guidelines in place by the Florida Department of Health.

The Advantages of Consumer-Directed Private Care

Abby Services follows a”consumer-directed” care model. This puts our clients and their families in control. The principle advantages of consumer-directed care for those seeking senior in-home care services are:

  • It is a more cost-efficient
  • Consumers can individually select the caregivers who will provide their care
  • Consumers enjoy greater continuity in caregiver relationships, which fosters a heightened level of caregiver loyalty and dedication
  • Caregivers are more generously compensated, meaning they are more encouraged to provide higher quality care
  • It supports caregiver entrepreneurship, which also promotes a higher level of professionalism in the service provided
  • No risk of a caregiver a client likes being reassigned to another client
  • Consumers manage all aspects of the home care relationship, without any third-party interference in their relationship with a caregiver
  • A larger portion of each dollar you pay for home care is received by the caregiver, providing you with access to a higher-quality caregiver per dollar spent
  • To promote consumer safety, caregivers are not eligible for referral until after they pass a rigorous background screening, carry a private malpractice policy, and meet all state requirements.
  • Clients have quick access to pre-screened and pre-credential-verified caregivers

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