In-home memory care VS Inpatient memory care

in-home memory care / Alzheimer's in-home care

When is in-home memory care just not enough.

We all want to remain safe at home. Those with dementia may require in-home memory care to remain safe. However sometimes the level of care and support is just too much.

Abby Services can help seniors stay safe with in-home memory care.

Managing a loved one’s memory care at home can be a daunting task. Many spouses and loved ones attempt to provide care for themselves for as long as they possibly can.

Unfortunately, for many, memory impairments can get worse with conditions such as Alzheimer’s’ disease and Parkinson’s’. This requires more and more support from spouses, family members, and friends.

Eventually, even the most devoted family caregivers run the risk of caregiver burnout and realize they need additional help to manage their loved one’s in-home memory care.

Due to the nature of in-home memory care, many patients require constant care and attention, to ensure they are safe. This becomes challenging to manage when families must find the support of not just one in-home caregiver but multiple caregivers.

Families can easily become overwhelmed when attempting to manage multiple caregivers in an attempt to ensure the needs of their memory-impaired loved ones are met.

That’s why it is important to work with in-home memory care professionals who are familiar with the needs of families of dementia patients.

Abby Services has access to a large pool of qualified, trained, professional Alzheimer’s in-home care providers and the resources to help you direct their care. 

Sometimes home health care just isn’t enough.

Even with the support of a team of in-home memory care professionals sometimes the level of support someone requires, can become too much. This is often due to the need for multiple caregivers, the accumulating cost of around-the-clock care, or the need for additional skilled services such as RN care.

After in-home memory care, the next step for many is an in-patient memory care facility.

Facility-based care is an excellent option for patients and caregivers when home health care just is not working out. Alzheimer’s and dementia care can be challenging for everyone involved. The more you know what to expect and how to prepare, the more it can make your journey feel less daunting.

It’s important to remember you don’t have to go through this alone. Abby Services and community resources such as The Dubin Center are there to help you throughout your journey.


Inpatient memory care

The next level of support after in-home memory care is inpatient memory care. This is provided in a state-licensed facility and is staffed by caregivers and health care professionals around the clock.

Just like in-home memory care, choosing who to work with can be challenging. Our area has many options and with all of those choices comes confusion. A great place to start your search for the best in-patient memory care facility is once again The Dubin Center. Their team is familiar with the resources and options in our area and can help guide families to make the best choice.

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