1 Effective In-home Care COVID Response Model

in-home care covid

In-home care COVID response model.

Abby Services’ in-home care COVID response model is based on current CDC COVID guidelines.  Abby Services recommends that all in-home care clients and caregivers throughout Fort Myers and Cape Coral follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC.


Abby Services has been helping the residents of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the greater Lee County Area find excellent in-home caregivers since 1997. When we first started we were one of the only services available to seniors and their families to find reliable in-home care. 

We were an industry leader then, and continue to be this day. There are many options now for in-home care. Our competition (often franchises) has a cookie-cutter model that makes it difficult to adapt to highly localized markets that are constantly changing and evolving. The COVID pandemic has only served to shine the light on these shortcomings. It has forced many to consider their in-home care COVID response.

Abby Services is proud to introduce our in-home care COVID response model.

We don’t doubt that over the coming weeks and months you will see services like ours imitating and outright copying our plan. We have seen many progressive responses from similar businesses but none from the private in-home care sector.

Our position is that we may not have the power to eliminate the spread of this terrible virus, however, our hope is that by following CDC guidelines and providing the information and tools to caregivers and clients we can help slow the spread among a vulnerable population.

A large part of our in-home care COVID model is as follows: We are excited to roll out our COVID Care Package. In the coming weeks, we will be going into detail about how we are implementing each point of the care package. It will no doubt change and adapt as the CDC releases further guidance.


  • Vaccination

    • When the Abby Care Package was originally developed COVID vaccinations were still being developed. Currently, vaccination is the first line of defense against COVID, and Abby Services fully supports and encourages client and caregiver vaccination.
  • Client and Caregiver testing.

    • We are encouraging clients and caregivers to take advantage of available testing opportunities. This will help to inform individuals of advanced precautions they should take.
  • Masks

    • The CDC has encouraged the use of masks to slow the spread.


    • Abby Services has branded masks available for clients and caregivers. We are encouraging both clients and caregivers to wear their masks when providing and receiving services.
  • Temperatures:

    • The CDC has guidelines available to guide the use of temperature. Clients and caregivers are encouraged to check temperatures daily to help alert them to potential infection.
  • Hygiene

    • Hand hygiene has always been important but especially now. We are providing access to CDC education on best practices to help guide caregivers and clients to develop their own best practices.


    • Tools and products will be provided to clients to help accomplish their hand hygiene goals.
  • Disinfection

    • The CDC has released disinfectant guidelines. These guidelines have been made available to caregivers. 


    • Disinfectant products and tutorials to make their own are being made available to help ensure client and caregiver safety.
  • Technology

    • Abby Services is leveraging existing technology. We have implemented a COVID screening tool caregivers may use as part of our software package. When caregivers document client services they complete a screening tool to help alert them to potential infection.
  • Limited Contact

    • When desired by the client and caregiver we will limit additional contact with other potential sources of infection. We will also provide additional information on ways to limit contact.


    • In-home care COVID exposure is a serious risk. Symptomatic individuals should be isolated according to CDC guidelines to prevent further exposure and infection.
  • Additional Measures 

    • Although not currently recommended by CDC guidelines we have responded to client requests for shoe coverings to be used while care is provided in their home by making these products available.

As always we are here to help. If you have any questions about the in-home caregivers and services we provide please call us at 239-590-0861!

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