Quick COVID Testing for In-Home Caregivers and Patients

COVID and in-home care

COVID Testing for In-Home Caregivers and Patients

Abby Services fully endorses COVID testing for in-home caregivers. Testing is a key component in limiting the spread of COVID-19 (and a key component of the Abby Services COVID Care Package) is knowing if you are infected.  

As frontline healthcare providers, private in-home caregivers should be tested as directed by the Florida Department of Health and the CDC. In general, the clients Abby Services serves also represent a vulnerable population at risk for infection and should know their infection status as well. 

In addition to CDC COVID resources The Florida Department Of Health also has more regionally specific guidance and information. 

According to The CDC, there are two types of tests available to evaluate for COVID-19. These tests are available to the caregivers and residents we serve throughout Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the greater Lee County area however they may require a physician’s order depending on where you are being tested. It is recommended that you call your healthcare provider or the Lee County Department of Health for direction. 

  • Viral Tests
    • Show if a client or in-home caregiver currently has a COVID infection
  • In this video, we show how easy it was to get tested for our nurse Scott Srachan. It was free,  right here in Fort Myers.
    • These tests typically involve a swab of your nasal cavity/sinuses.
  • Antibody tests
    • Show if a client or in-home caregiver has had a previous infection.
    • This type of test requires a blood sample be collected by a healthcare professional.
    • May not show an active infection due to the fact that COVID antibodies will take 1-3 weeks to be produced.
    • It is currently unknown if having antibodies will prevent reinfection or how long antibodies may provide protection from infection.

Drive-through testing sites are open throughout the state. In Lee County, the current testing location is the CenturyLink Sports Complex. This site is administering viral tests for free. They do not require an appointment or a physician’s order. As noted above we have a video of the process with our very own Scott Strachan RN getting tested.

If you have any questions please call our offices at 239-590-0861. As Lee County’s premier source for In-Home Caregivers, we have the knowledge and access to professional caregivers to help you and your family.

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