5 Simple Homebound Senior Activities

Homebound Senior Activities

Do you know an elderly person who is stuck at home? Then read on for simple homebound senior activities.

Abby Services of Fort Myers and Cape Coral has tips for homebound senior activities to help keep your loved one happy, healthy, and engaged.

Whether it is due to the risks of COVID, or simply due to limited mobility seniors in Fort Myers and Cape Coral may find themselves homebound. 

Seniors choosing to remain at home because they are concerned about their personal safety or health may have limited opportunities for activity. That’s why it is important to consider options and opportunities for daily activity.

Let’s face it, there is only so much isolation anyone can take before they get restless.  That’s why we thought it would be great to share these tips to help, keep your senior who is stuck in-home active, engaged, and healthy.


Being stuck at the home can be tough. It is physically and emotionally draining. That’s why the tip sheet above focuses on positive activities to keep your elderly loved one moving, active, and engaged.


Here are some homebound senior activities that may help :

There are many resources to help in-home seniors find exercises they can do. Youtube is an excellent resource to find homebound senior activities and there are many other resources online. This recent post includes practical suggestions for seniors starting a fitness routine. 

Some seniors may need additional input and support to safely develop and execute a safe and effective workout routine. Fortunately, there are in-home services that can assist with this as well. We recommend Livewell Health to get started with an in-home exercise routine tailored to your individual needs. 

Routine exercise is one of the most important homebound senior activities to incorporate into your day.

If your homebound senior already has a hobby, chances are they have already explored this option. A great suggestion is to help your loved one explore new hobbies. Learning new things not only fights off boredom but can help stimulate the mind and body thus staving off other medical issues. 

Exploring new hobbies can be an excellent source for new homebound senior activities. Some examples of hobbies that foster homebound senior activities include learning guitar or another instrument, learning a new language, or different crafts like needlework, crocheting, or model building. 

The internet presents an abundance of opportunities for seniors stuck in-home to connect with individuals from around the world. Of course, a tech-savvy senior can also easily communicate with friends and family. 

Not sure where to start to find online homebound senior activities? AARP has a vibrant senior online community with many interests. The internet has many suggestions for homebound senior activities.

There are many stimulating and enjoyable games many of which a senior may not be aware of. Games that can be played individually or together are an option.

Although not necessarily enjoyable for everyone housework is active and productive. Having a routine cleaning and maintenance schedule is a reliable way to stay engaged.

Do you need a caregiver in Fort Myers or Cape Coral? Maybe...

Of course, these suggestions will not meet the needs of every senior who is stuck in-home. Some may not be able to accomplish these things independently or some may require support to manage and accomplish these things.

That’s why having a private in-home caregiver from Abby Services is a great option. You can use these recommendations to help provide suggestions to your caregiver to help your homebound seniors stay happy, healthy, and engaged. Just call Abby Services at 239-590-0861.

Abby Services caregivers are available short or long term to help meet your in-home care needs.

In addition to assisting with activities, a private caregiver from Abby Services can do so much! Caregivers are available for as little as 4 hours one time, all the way through 24/7 to provide in-home support for as long as you need. 

The following are examples of some common situations that require short-term senior care.

Many patients and their families do not consider working with a private caregiver until an emergency.

This is understandable. We all want to remain independent. Seeking a private caregiver is an easy thing to put off. Recognizing that a private caregiver is needed can also be a difficult reality to confront.

It is often only when an emergency occurs that a private caregiver is even considered. At Abby Services we can help find a caregiver after an emergency, but we encourage clients to consider having a caregiver to avoid these emergency situations.

Best of all your private caregiver can help be sure your homebound senior activities are safe, effective, and reqarding.

Finding a safe effective home care worker can be challenging. However, when a short-term senior caregiver is needed we are there. We are on call 24/7 to help families in Fort Myers and Cape Coral with their emergency last-minute needs. Our services are designed to be flexible to meet clients’ and their families’ needs.  Short or long term we can help.

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