Having A Caregiver For Senior Appointments.

caregiver for senior appointments

Do you need a caregiver for senior appointments?

How do you help a senior make the most of their doctor’s visits? A caregiver for senior appointments could be the answer. When you have a caregiver for senior appointments you have a partner to help as needed at an important time.

A doctors visit is an important appointment. You want to make the most of their time, and yours.

Do you want to be sure your loved one sees their doctor and has all of their healthcare needs addressed? Abby Services has caregivers for senior at appointments. With a little help, and support, your senior can make the most of their doctor’s visit.

It can be hard to get an appointment to see a physician. 

This is especially so in Fort Myers and Cape Coral. Often there are waitlists to see specialists that can extend months. That is why it is extremely important to make the most of your appointment when it finally comes.

One challenge families face is trying to do this from afar. At Abby Services we frequently receive requests from families, clients, and nursing facilities who want a caregiver to accompany their loved one to an appointment. However to truly make the most of an appointment there are some very important factors to consider.

This helpful tool is a great place to start planning for your next doctor’s visit. It contains recommendations from trusted resources including the National Institute On Aging.

  • Don’t miss the appointment!

Your loved one has waited months to see a specialist for their health concerns. A missed appointment can take weeks or months to reschedule. It can be challenging to manage multiple appointments that change. Your loved one may need help and reminders to be sure they keep these important appointments. Sometimes a phone call the day of the appointment is adequate. Other times you may need additional support to be sure an appointment is kept. A caregiver for senior appointments could help to keep things on track as well.

  • Be Prepared!

Despite a long wait to see your physician, the appointment itself may be over quickly. It is important to be prepared to address your concerns in a timely manner. Sometimes it is easy to forget major issues and symptoms. That’s why it is important to write down specific concerns to be sure they are addressed. It is also wise to request that these responses be written down. Another matter of preparation is being sure you have ID, Medicare/Medicaid cards, and necessary insurance documentation as well as current medications and other supporting physicians. This is yet another thing a caregiver for senior appointments could assist with.

  • Write it down!

As noted above it is easy to forget to address a concern or forget what was communicated. That’s why a pen and pad are important to write down answers to concerns, follow-up information, and other appointment details.

  • Dont go alone!

Our final point is why we at Abby Services are contacted frequently. If you have difficulty getting around, remembering details, or just need extra support, it is important to have someone accompany your loved one to a doctor’s appointment. Of course, a family member or trusted friend is usually best, but that is not always possible, or convenient. That is why working with a private caregiver for senior appointments from Abby Services is important. Your caregiver can get your loved one ready for an appointment, accompany them to an appointment, share concerns with a health care provider, and help to communicate important information.

Need help? We are here for you! Just call 239-590-0861 to learn more.

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