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Home Health Aide Scholarship

Abby Services In-Home Care Home Health Aide Scholarship for in-home caregivers.

Abby Services In-Home Care is offering a Home Health Aide Scholarship in response to our local and national in-home caregiver shortage.

Abby Services has been the source for in-home caregivers for residents of Fort Myers and Cape Coral. Despite record high demand, there simply are not enough caregivers to meet our area’s increasing demand for professional in-home care.

This is why we are offering a Home Health Aide scholarship to help pay for a caregiver’s training.

Why offer a Home Health Aide Scholarship?

In-home caregivers have always been in demand in Florida. The need for trained caregivers has only increased since COVID. As a Nurse Registry Abby Services specializes in connecting private trained caregivers with clients who wish to remain independent in their homes with some personal assistance. 

In an effort to attract our area’s best caregivers and support those considering entering the caregiving field Abby Services is honored to provide this Home Health Aide Scholarship. 


Home Health Aide Scholarship Press Release

For Immediate Release


Abby Services In-Home Care is often a solution for seniors and nursing facilities that need caregivers. This need has worsened through COVID and the labor crisis. Abby Services is developing a scholarship program to help attract qualified trained caregivers.

Fort Myers, Fl- September 16, 2022

The labor shortage has affected many industries, especially senior care. Many local nursing homes and families struggle to find adequate trained caregivers to meet our senior population’s ever-growing needs.

In response to the increasing demand, and limited availability, of trained caregivers, Abby Services is developing a scholarship program designed to encourage and support caregivers entering the field.

October 18th is Health Care Aide Day. It is a day to honor the hard-working professionals who support and care for some of our sickest and most vulnerable residents.

Unfortunately in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and nationwide there just simply are not enough caregivers to meet the ever-growing demand.

According to Scott Strachan, an RN, former caregiver, and owner of Abby Services In-Home Care, “ We have been in business since 1997 and have never seen anything like this. Some seniors have had to go without the caregivers they need. Not because they are unable or unwilling to pay, but simply because trained caregivers are not available to meet their needs.”

COVID has impacted the senior care industry more than many other industries. Caregivers let the senior care because of the increased risks of exposure, because of other competing industries their services, or simply because the demands of the job can be especially challenging.

In an attempt to answer our area’s current caregiver shortage Abby Services is developing a scholarship program to help encourage and support caregivers looking to provide senior care as a profession.

The training required in the state of Florida is referenced as CNA/HHA training, or Certified Nurses Aide/ Home Health Aide training. This trains and qualifies individuals to provide the types of services most seniors need to stay independent in their homes or live in a nursing facility.

The scholarship will be available to caregivers through the month of October and targets those looking to assist seniors in their homes. For more information on applying for the scholarship contact:

Abby Services Inc.


[email protected]



Where can caregivers go to get Home Health Aide Training?

Caregivers have a number of choices to get the training necessary to provide in-home senior care. The following are local options Abby Services have referred to in the past:



How to be considered for the Home Health Aide Scholarship

If you are an in-home caregiver in training, are considering becoming a home health aide, a recent grad, or know someone who wants to be a senior caregiver, please fill out this scholarship application to be considered.

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