Lee Counties #1 Best Medication Disposal Program – Operation Medicine Cabinet

Medication Disposal

Lee County Sheriffs Office teams up with Abby Services for Operation Medicine Cabinet, a medication disposal program.

Proper medication disposal is extremely important to our community. To reduce prescription drug abuse & prevent harmful contamination of our local water sources Operation Medicine Cabinet continues in Lee County.

What is Operation Medicine Cabinet?

Operation Medicine Cabinet is a medication disposal program spearheaded by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Safe disposal of medications and syringes used for medication is important to protect our local community. 

Unfortunately, it is not always clear what the most appropriate method for the disposal of these items is. Operation Medicine Cabinet is an effort to educate the community on how to properly dispose of unused medications and the potential consequences when people fail to dispose of unused medications properly.

“Many residents simply flush unused or expired medications down their drain. However our water treatment facilities are not designed to remove these types of contaminants from the water supply.”, “Another more immediate risk is that the unused medications are not disposed of and can potentially be abused by someone other than the individual for who the medication was intended.  “This abuse is happening more and more frequently and is cause for concern.”, says Jaimee Thompson with Abby Services of Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

This is not a safe or effective method of medication disposal. Originally Operation Medicine Cabinet collected unused medications which were properly disposed of in an undisclosed location. Currently, there are collection locations for safe and effective medication disposal listed below.

A recent survey conducted by The Department of Children and Family Services found that Lee County tops the state in prescription drug abuse. The study also found that 12.1 percent of Lee County students reported abusing prescription painkillers and 8.8 percent reported abusing depressants. A recent article in USA Today ties the use of prescription medications in adults directly to poisonings in children.

It is for these reasons Lee County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with Abby Services to bring Operation Medicine Cabinet to Lee County. See more about the medication disposal program in these articles.

Links to Operation Medicine Cabinet Articles Featuring LCSO and Abby Services

Update: This Blog post was originally from 2011 and was a partnership between the LCSO and Abby Services. Currently, the program has evolved and there are permanent medication disposal stations at police substations throughout Lee County.

The goal of Operation Medicine Cabinet is to bring awareness of proper medication disposal, with the hope that it will help to reduce the negative stigma that often surrounds prescription medication abuse.

By bringing it to the forefront of the news, individuals can feel less intimidated about coming forward not only with their medications but also with any struggles they may have with abusing those medications.

These programs provide a safe outlet to dispose of their substances of abuse.

Current Lee County Drug Disposal Locations


  • North District Sheriff’s Office
    • Pondella Road North Fort Myers, FL 33903
      • 239-477-1810
  • East District Sheriff’s Office
    • 1301 Homestead Road Lehigh Acres, FL 33936
      • 239-477-1820
  • West District Sheriff’s Office
    • 15650 Pine Ridge Road Fort Myers, FL 33908
      • 239-477-1830
  • South District Sheriff’s Office
    • 8951 Bonita Beach Road Springs Plaza, Suite 565 Bonita Springs, FL 34135
      • 239-477-1840
  • Central District Sheriff’s Office
    • 14750 Six Mile Cypress Parkway Fort Myers, FL 33912
      • 239-477-1850

Abby Services of Fort Myers supports our elderly community.

Abby Services has and continues to support the elderly community of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and all of Lee County through initiatives such as the medication disposal program Operation Medicine Cabinet, and collaborative partnerships such as our history of working with the LCSO. 

Are you aware of opportunities that benefit our area’s seniors we should consider? Simply contact Scott Strachan at 239-590-0861.

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