Yes! We endorse in-home caregiver COVID vaccination.

in-home caregiver COVID vaccination

Should in-home caregivers get vaccinated?

YES, all in-home caregiver COVID vaccination, should be complete. COVID vaccination protects the caregiver, their vulnerable senior patient, and society at large.

Why do we believe in-home caregiver COVID vaccination is important.

In-home caregivers in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and throughout the country assist and protect seniors in their homes. In order to help others, caregivers need to help themselves by seeking out vaccination. Caregiving is a very close intimate profession where close contact with frail seniors is unavoidable.

It is widely known that the COVID pandemic especially impacted our area’s Seniors. Fortunately, many of those vulnerable seniors who desired COVID vaccinations were able to get that protection. At one point, HHA & CNA In-Home Caregivers struggled to get access to COVID vaccines.That is no longer the case. 

It’s great news that, in our area, vaccines are now widely available. While some may choose not to get vaccinated, In-Home caregivers, due to the nature of their work, should strongly consider vaccination to protect themselves, their patients, and their families.

Vaccinations are free and easy to get. Some require 2 visits spaced 1 month apart, while injections from Johnston and Johnston only require one visit and one injection. Covid vaccinations combined with available masks and proper hygiene are a good measure for all healthcare workers. Ultimately everyone should follow CDC guidance.

Vaccinated HHA's and CNA's make more money$$$

Another incentive for in-home caregiver COVID vaccination,  CNA’s and HHA’s to seek out vaccination is FINANCIAL. In the Southwest Florida area, and nationwide, there is a shortage of caregivers. Especially In-Home Caregivers who have Covid vaccinations. Patients & clients are seeking CNA’s and HHA’s who have Covid vaccines. According to Scott Strachan, an RN and one of the owners of Abby Services, “We (Abby Services) have clients and facilities calling every week asking for vaccinated caregivers.” According to Scott Strachan, The supply of vaccinated caregivers just does not meet the demand they are seeing. Patients are paying a premium for this level of protection that genuinely helps everyone. 

Abby Services encourages all caregivers to get vaccinated.

We are collecting vaccination cards fro prove in-home caregiver COVID vaccination and storing them in our database along with other caregiver credentials as an extended part of our service. Proof of in-home caregiver Covid Vaccination will be used to help match In-Home Caregivers with clients seeking their services who need, want, or specifically request a vaccinated caregiver. 

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