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In-home care jobs may be more challenging to find but they can be more rewarding than working in a nursing home. These are the top 5 reasons CNAs and HHAs choose in-home care over nursing home care.

My opinion may be skewed. My name is Scott Strachan. I am an RN and have worked in a variety of settings however I currently am co-owner of Abby Services in-home senior care in Fort Myers. Why am I qualified to identify the top 5 reasons in-home care jobs are better than nursing home jobs? I’ve been there.

I have worked both as a CNA caregiver in private client homes, in a number of nursing homes, and even in hospitals. I have also worked in these settings as a skilled nurse. I absolutely believe in-home care is a great choice for patients and their families but here is why in-home care jobs will always be better than nursing home jobs.


The popular job search site indeed lists job openings and average salaries for various positions throughout the united states. 

  • Indeed listed the average base salary of a caregiver in Florida at $11.88 at the time this was written.
  • Many of the posted positions are seeking caregivers in nursing homes
  • In-home care jobs in our area pay significantly more. In-home care pay is only expected to increase as demand for in home caregivers increase.

The reality is that most in home care jobs only require the care of one to two patients while caregivers working in a nursing home may be responsible for the care of a whole wing of patients.

  •  To help see just how many patients caregivers could expect in a nursing home we used a free tool from KHN. Using this tool you can review staffing ratios for skilled nurses as well as aides (caregivers)
  • The numbers on KHN for my area range from 10-17 patients per caregiver however in my experience these numbers can be higher. I believe the data is based on what is actually reported. You can use the tool to see reported patient loads wherever you are.

If COVID has shown us anything it is that nursing homes pose a greater risk of infection both for residents and their caregivers. While in-home care jobs may still carry the risk of COVID exposure, the risks are much much lower.

  • WFTS news of Tampa Bay reports that long term care facilities faced “the deadliest impacts of the COVID-19 virus”

In-home care jobs are much more flexible than traditional nursing home jobs. Many caregivers choose in home care jobs as a supplement to other work because of this flexibility. Nursing home jobs are typically on a traditional fixed 8-hour schedule and often require weekends and holidays as well.

  • In-home care jobs are determined by what patients request. Some in-home care patients are only seeking 4 hours in the morning while others are seeking in-home care 24/7.
  • Oftentimes in-home care jobs are flexible in the sense that a caregiver can communicate directly with their client to set days and times that work for them both. 

The reality is that in-home care jobs and nursing home jobs both can be challenging. They both require caregivers to provide hands-on personal assistance to a vulnerable population. (In most cases in-home care requires much less physical labor.)

However, in larger organizations such as nursing homes, caregivers can sometimes be seen as inferior and as a disposable commodity. In good in-home care jobs, caregivers are seen as an important lifeline to a patient’s independence. In-home caregivers generally receive more respect for the important jobs they are tasked with.

There are advantages to nursing home jobs.

It’s true that working in a nursing home isn’t all that bad. Nursing home jobs tend to be more consistent than in-home care jobs because of the steady and consistent nature of the work they need. Another advantage to working in a nursing home are benefits such as health insurance, and retirement plans.

Nursing home jobs also potentially present opportunities for growth and advancement. Another factor worth considering is that in-home care jobs tend to be more solitary. If you enjoy being a part of a larger team then nursing home work may be a better fit for you as a caregiver.

Ultimately it is up to a caregiver to decide what the best fit is for them.

There is no doubt that being a caregiver can be a challenging and rewarding profession. The choice of where to work has a lot more than 5 factors. You don’t even need to choose one or the other.

Many of the in-home care jobs we have available at my business Abby Services are filled by caregivers who also work in nursing homes. For many caregivers, they simply need to see which scenario works best for them.

So are you an HHA or a CNA that works in-home care? Do you work in a nursing home?

As I said before, my experience is certainly skewed. I genuinely believe in-home care jobs are always better than nursing home jobs. Are you a caregiver? let me know what I missed or got right. Just leave a comment and I will respond and maybe I’ll even need to update my list. 

If you are an HHA or CNA seeking in-home care work call Abby Services!

If you are an HHA or CNA looking for rewarding, flexible, top-paying work, you are at the right place. Abby Services works with caregivers and Seniors throughout Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the surrounding area. To learn more just call our offices or follow this link to become a caregiver working with Abby Services

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  1. Scott, your firsthand experience in both in-home care and nursing homes truly makes your insights valuable. Your breakdown of the top 5 reasons emphasizes crucial aspects, especially the patient load difference, which is eye-opening. The flexibility in in-home care jobs seems like a game-changer, allowing caregivers to find a balance. The respect aspect is something often overlooked, but it’s vital for job satisfaction. Your emphasis on individual preference and the potential for combining nursing home and in-home care jobs shows a holistic perspective.

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