Home health care in Fort Myers

home health care in fort myers

Home health care in Fort Myers Florida.

Abby Services has been helping seniors find the best home health care in Fort Myers, Florida since 1996! When we first started there were only a handful of home health care services. Since we started, we have assisted many amazing seniors. We have also seen many home health care services come and go. Our goal is to help seniors remain safe and independent in their homes for as long as they choose by referring the best in-home. caregivers in our area. Do you have questions? We can help. Call 239-590-0861 today!

Why choose Abby Services when seeking home health care in Fort Myers, Fl?

When researching home health care in Fort Myers Florida you will be barraged with options. When we first started serving the area we were only 1 of 5 providers. There are now 50 or more home health care options in Fort Myers. This can be good, but it can also be overwhelming. Here is what sets Abby Services apart from the competition.

Abby Services is proud to be an independent business. We are not a franchise. Why is this important? We did not purchase a home health care business. We built Abby Services from the ground up, learning the unique needs, wants, and regulations of our area. Our experience in the Fort Myers area goes back to 1996. 

You may have called around seeking home health care in Fort Myers, Florida. If you have, you may have noticed it was rare to speak with an owner, a nurse, an individual with personal in-home health care experience. With Abby Services when you call you. have access to all of that and more. It shows in the service you receive.

When seeking home health care you need answers to the questions you have. Not just sales tactics. Abby Services may not be the best option for every patient. We will use our experience and honesty to help clients determine the best path even if their needs do not include home health care.

Abby Services has been the low-cost leader for home health care in Fort years for years.  Our competition likes to warn clients to avoid the low-cost option however that is simply not true. Abby Services is transparent in what affects the cost of care

Abby Services has one of the largest pools of in-home caregivers in Fort Myers. We have had caregivers who have assisted the same client for years. The caregivers we refer meet all state guidelines to be sure you are safe and supported in your home by a skilled trained professional.

Not sure where to start when seeking home health care in Fort Myers?

t’s ok. The options for home health care can be overwhelming. We can help. Just call 239-590-0861.

This article from AARP is a great review of in-home care options. 

Our nurse, Scott Strachan has the experience and training to help families determine their needs and available resources to meet those needs. With our support and input, families can develop a plan that delivers stability, support, and quality of life. This can help a senior remain safe and  indepnedent in their home for years to come.

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