Are you seeking senior care? The top 3 reasons families in Fort Myers and Cape Coral seek elderly care.

Top 3 reasons families seek senior care in Fort Myers and Cape Coral

There are many reasons families seek senior care. Here are the top 3.

Fort Myers and Cape Coral are home to many seniors. Abby Services has been helping families seeking senior care since 1997 by finding the best caregivers our area has to offer. Here are the top three reasons we see families seeking elderly care.

1. Memory Care

It may come as no surprise that memory care is the number one reason families seek senior care. In Fort Myers and Cape Coral, we have many families who recognize that their loved ones require additional monitoring and support due to memory issues to remain safe in their home. When memory care becomes a concern many families choose to seek professional support. 

Memory issues can come in many forms and are not always obvious. Diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia are common but are not the only factors affecting a senior’s memory care. The following article reviews other symptoms of mental illness that may contribute to a senior’s mental status. These symptoms and their severity may also contribute to a family choosing to seek senior care.

2. Mobility Concerns

To remain independent, mobility is key. This is true in Fort Myers, Cape Coral or anywhere families are seeking elderly care. That’s why the second most common reason families call seeking senior care is to address mobility issues.

Mobility concerns may require short-term senior care or long-term around-the-clock care depending on the circumstances. This could include a short-term recovery from an injury or surgery or a long-term ailment such as Parkinson’s or a stroke. Falls are a common concern for those with limited mobility as well.

A senior caregiver can assist with transfers from sitting, bed, or to a shower. These daily tasks are often key activities of daily living that are important to address. Senior caregivers are trained in how to safely and appropriately assist your elderly parent without injury. 

There are scenarios where even an extremely competent caregiver cannot overcome a senior’s mobility issues. In these cases, there are adaptive products to help manage mobility limitations including Hoyer Lifts, Sliding Boards, and Gait Belts.

While senior caregivers are trained in the use of these products each patient and product varies. For this reason, your senior caregiver may require further instruction and education on how best to utilize a specific product.

The following article addresses some common mobility aids you may want to consider

3. Peace Of Mind

When families contact us seeking senior care in Fort Myers or Cape Coral the individual we are supporting may not even recognize or acknowledge the need for a caregiver. In these cases, we say that the support of a private caregiver is not for the patient but for the families of loved ones who need “peace of mind”.

Many clients receiving senior care do not recognize the need for a private caregiver. This could be due to a number of reasons including:

  • Fear of loss of independence. Often when acknowledging a senior needs care is perceived as losing their independence. Many seniors struggle with coping with the loss of independence. We encourage seniors and their families to think of it as taking measures to prolong their independence. Having a private caregiver helps a senior remain in control and independent by choosing where, when, and how much help they want.
  • Cost: Many consider having a private caregiver a luxury, and it is. While labor can be expensive we can assure families and seniors we are one of our area’s most cost-efficient sources for fully screened and credentialed senior caregivers. Families and seniors receiving support can also tailor how much support they want/need allowing them to control costs based on their specific needs.
  • Devotion: We have heard families and spouses agonize over a commitment they made to be there for their loved ones. Choosing to work with a private caregiver is absolutely one way to be there. We encourage families to consider a private senior caregiver to help enable them to be better caregivers. Everyone needs a break and a private caregiver is a simple solution to support the care provided by a family member or spouse. This is called respite care and should be considered by all family caregivers.

Seeking senior care is not always an easy choice.

Many families seeking senior care in Fort Myers and Cape Coral struggle to make the right choice. This can involve family meetings, arguments, and tears. Fortunately you have a team of experts to help guide you through your choices.

Abby Services has been helping families in Fort Myers and Cape Coral find reliable in-home senior caregivers since 1997!

In-home caregivers referred through Abby Services can assist you and your family find solutions that keep your senior comfortable and in their own homes.

In fact, Scott Strachan, a nurse, and co-owner of Abby Services has direct hospice experience both as a CNA and as an RN. With his experience, guidance, and support Abby Services can work to guarantee that our clients receive all of the senior care they need. 

We encourage families and seniors to recognize that this isn’t their only solution but just one of many. Families can try Abby Services to see if an in-home caregiver is right for them. There is no long-term commitment. Many clients do choose to work with us to maintain their independence for as long as they choose. However, should you wish to cancel you may do so at any time.

Free senior care consultation in Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

Just call 239-590-0861 for a free senior care consultation to see how we can help.

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