Remain safe and secure when receiving care.

in home care locked door

Tips for providing your in-home caregiver access to your house.

Often clients who require personal care from one of the private caregivers referred by Abby Services have mobility issues. One challenging part of requiring assistance when one has mobility issues is providing access to their residence. Locking your home is an important part of maintaining personal safety and security unfortunately granting access to your residency typically involves answering the door and unlocking the door. One of the simplest solutions for those with mobility issues who require care are lockboxes that can secure a house key. These boxes enable a client to control the access they grant to their home by limiting the individuals with the access code, while keeping the house key on site.


A quick search of home depot for “key lockbox” turned up a number of different options. Other options include keypads with programmable access codes. These can be used on either main entry doors or even garage doors. Another more advanced option is door locks that use WIFI and Bluetooth technology. 


Whatever personal security options you choose for yourself or your loved ones Abby Services is there to help you and those you care about remain safe and secure in their home.

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