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For years Abby Services has been helping patients find the In-Home caregivers they want and need. One particularly challenging area has always been medication management. The challenge is that most private caregivers are not pharmacologically trained. This results in clients needing to have a properly trained skilled nurse help them manage their medications. This can involve a weekly to bi-weekly visit that costs anywhere from $75-$100/visit. To further complicate this scenario for a nurse to manage a client’s medications they must have the physician orders which have proven challenging to obtain.


For these reasons, we have been referring to local pharmacies who specialize in medication management for their clients. Recently Amazon acquired a service called PillPack httpss://


By using a service such as PillPack patients and their families can safely, effectively, and cost-efficiently manage their medications while Abby Services helps them focus on finding great caregivers. Here is an article on the service we are sure is going to take off:



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