Florida’s In-Home Caregiver Shortage. How bad will it get?

in-home caregiver shortage

Will there always be a caregiver shortage?

We are experiencing an in-home caregiver shortage nationwide. This impact is especially felt in Florida where in-home care is an important service for many of its senior residents.

Starting June 1st pandemic unemployment benefits will be changing in Florida. 

Some believe this could provide relief for the lack of in-home senior caregivers many have been reporting. But will it really solve the in-home caregiver shortage? There has always been a shortage of in-home caregivers.

How will unemployment changes affect the in-home caregiver shortage?

Many believe that increased unemployment benefits have deterred in-home senior caregivers from seeking work opportunities. Contributing to an already existing n-home caregiver shortage.

This has led to a noticeable increase in the in-home caregiver shortage and a sharp rise in the cost of care. With the elimination and further regulation of these unemployment benefits, many seniors seeking in-home care are hoping this will result in increased availability of in-home caregivers.

So what is changing?

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