Choosing the right in home care services in Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

choosing in home care services

Fort Myers and Cape Coral have many in home care services.

With so many in home care services it’s hard to know if you are choosing the right one. 

Abby Services is the right choice when seeking in home care services.

We have heard the same scenario over and over. A family member is seeking an in-home care service in Fort Myers and is overwhelmed with the choices.

It wasn’t always this challenging. Back in 1997, when Abby Services started, there were only a handful of options when seeking professional in home care services.  It made choosing a service much easier.

With so many options in Fort Myers and Cape Coral for in-home care we wanted to share what we have found over all the years we have been serving our area.

All State-Licensed services operate by the same guidelines.

  • The Agency for Healthcare Administration has guidelines to protect consumers seeking in home care services and also provides guidelines for those services to follow. This creates a level and consistent playing field when choosing an In-Home Care service.

Because of the high level of state oversight, we encourage those seeking In-Home Care in Fort Myers and Cape Coral to call around and keep these 3 things in mind.

  1. Go with who you know: Having helped the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area find the best in-home caregivers since 1996 we have had the opportunity to meet and get to know so many in our community. Ask around, if you are seeking in home care services. Chances are anyone you ask in Fort Myers and Cape Coral will know about Abby Services and our excellent reputation. Of course, you have to start somewhere. If you don’t know us give us a call, we are sure you will find our staff, professional, friendly, and helpful.
  2. Go with who you trust: Yes, it can be a leap of faith to choose someone to assist a loved one with In-Home Care. Over the years we have helped Fort Myers and Cape Coral residents secure over 1 million hours of In-Home Care. That kind of experience takes time and specialized local knowledge. You will know from your first phone call you can trust Abby Services to help you meet your in-home caregiver needs.
  3. Go with who you like: Abby Services is truly a local family-owned and operated business. It was started by Tom Strachan in 1996 and built from the ground up. Abby Services is currently owned and operated by Tom Strachan’s son and daughter Scott Strachan & Jaimee Thompson. Know that when you call Abby Services chances are that you will be speaking with the owner of the business. This is important because we are ultimately responsible for your satisfaction. Supporting a family-owned business helps support our area and many members of our community.

Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself. If you are a resident in Fort Myers or Cape Coral and are seeking In Home Care services call Abby Services to see how we can help you! 239-590-0861

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