Home Security Cameras For Seniors – 3 Simple Options To Remotely Monitor Your Favorite Senior

home security cameras for seniors

Do you want to monitor a senior living alone for safety?

Home Security Cameras For Seniors can be a great option to remotely monitor the safety of your loved ones when you can’t be there. Of course, if you need more support, an in-home caregiver referred by Abby Services can help but sometimes that level of support is not necessary.

You want to be sure your elderly loved one is safe.

Not every family member has the ability to closely monitor their frail family members to insure their safety. Families may do what they can by calling but often find that that only presents a limited picture. 

Families are concerned about falls, injury, and confusion when considering how best to monitor a family member from afar. Often in the worst-case scenario, a phone call is either too late or your loved one may not have access to a phone when they need it most. That is where the value lies in home security cameras for seniors.

Families are seeking options to help insute their elderly family member is safe and has the support they need.

At Abby Services we are senior care experts. Often Families will call inquiring about hiring a private caregiver “just to check in” on a loved one. While Abby Services is one of our area’s most cost-efficient options for families, seeking private in-home caregivers, the cost of a caregiver visit is often difficult to justify just for someone to check in.

Families continually struggle to balance personal and family lives, especially when an aging parent requires more attention than a loving family member is able to give. Fortunately, technology has presented many solutions in the form of home security cameras for seniors

Home security cameras for seniors are often a cost efficient way for families to monitor their elderly family member from afar.

When families are considering the cheapest option to monitor their loved one home security cameras for seniors are at the top of the list. 

By using affordable, readily available wifi-enabled home security cameras for seniors families can monitor their elderly family members from afar. 

The challenge with technology, while powerful, is that it can be intimidating or difficult for people to use effectively.

Most home security cameras for seniors promote easy setup to share access. Where we find the biggest challenge with this technology is internet access. Especially when managing the technology with someone who may not be extremely familiar with managing the home wireless networks necessary for these devices to function.

What are the top 3 home security cameras for seniors?

#1 Wyze

Wyze cameras are at the top of our list for a reason. The Wyze home security cameras for seniors are easy for family members to set up and share access. While basic, they also have an array of available features and add-ons that can further increase their functionality when monitoring a senior’s safety from afar. 

Blink home security cameras for seniors are also at the top of many lists. They are industry leaders and much like Wyze offer a variety of additional features while also easily making basic features available.

While known for their doorbell cameras, Ring has options with similar functions focusing on simple home security cameras for seniors. 

When considering in home monitoring it is important to consider privacy.

When utilizing home security cameras for seniors it is important for families to consider privacy. A best practice is to notify any guests or caregivers in the home that the area does have home security cameras for seniors. This should not be a surprise, and the notice should be included in a conspicuous area. 

What about security cameras inside an Assisted Living Facility?

This is a question that often comes up. If a senior’s home is in a senior living facility families may still want to remotely monitor their loved ones and the care that they receive.

Whether this technology is permitted at a facility will vary depending on their own internal policy. Families have been known to push for this despite facility policies that prohibit this type of monitoring.

When does a senior need more help?

Unfortunately, there is no simple clear-cut answer to when a senior needs home help. The goal of remote monitoring is to allow families an opportunity to observe their loved ones to be sure they are safe and to identify concerns that may require further support. 

Often the next step is contacting a service like Abby Services. With the support of a private caregiver, most seniors can remain safe and independent in their homes. 

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