Helping Seniors Create An Emergency Contact Plan

YES! Your loved one needs a contact plan.

Ok, now that we have that established where do we start? First, let’s address why a contact plan is important. In South Florida, it’s not just seniors receiving in-home care who should develop a contact plan but all residents. Hurricane season is upon us. Should our area be impacted by hurricanes traditional communication can be impacted briefly or for an extended period. Worried family members should know the who, what, where, and when of your evacuation plan and who to contact for accurate information.

Your private caregiver from Abby Services can be an important part of your emergency contact plan. They can help to develop your plan and can also help to keep your family informed. In the event of an emergency, one important factor of a contact plan is identifying who your primary contact will be. This can be a friend or trusted family member who can act to inform others of your situation and safety.

Please use this Emergency Contact Planning Guide to help develop your own plan.

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