Customer Feedback: “My mother continued to live in her preferred location because her caregiver was able to provide such excellent care.”

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The caregivers Abby Services works together with are available to meet patients short or long term needs. Whether it is for a day, a week, or years the services your caregiver provides can help you stay independent on your terms. This is feedback from the son of a client we helped for years. We have left the name of the patient and caregiver out to maintain their privacy.

For the past many years, (my Home Health Aide) took wonderful care of my elderly mother. As her health declined her caregiver was called upon to increase not only her working hours but also her responsibilities. In both she did so without complaint and preformed admirably. This extra attentiveness allowed my mother to stay in her home for the last few years of her life. She continued to live in her preffered location because her caregiver was able to provide such excellent care.


My family could rely on our caregiver to provide accurate updates on my mothers condition. Having her opinion provided peace of mind as teh family was located far from my mother and could not quickly or easily assess her condition. Knowing my mother was in her caregivers hands was a blessing for the family.


Our caregivers duties went above and beyond. My mother would be difficult at times, but our caregiver always dealt with her with patience and kindness. I am convinces that the last few years were possible thanks to our caregiver overseeing my mothers care. This allowed extra time for my mother to see her grandchildren grow up and for them to have fond memories of their grandmother.


The highest praise I can offer our caregiver is that she is considered part of the family. Thank you for providing such excellent service, with excellent staff, for my family.



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