Customer Feedback: “I am more calm, loving, and flexible in dealing with my mom”.

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Many family members believe our services are directed exclusively at the patient. While that is true, it is often the family who sees the benefit of having a private caregiver. Often the roles we play in our family lives can be challenging. Father, son, daughter, mother, spouse, friend, confidant, and caregiver can be challenging roles to manage, especially when a loved one requires more assistance than they are able to independently accomplish. It can put a strain on relationships sometimes without anyone realizing it. Having a private caregiver can help relieve some of the burdens both on patients, but also their families, allowing attention to be focused on the individual, not the assistance they need. Here is feedback from one family member who realized the help a caregiver was providing to her mom also had a tremendous impact on her life as well:


Our caregiver has made a difference in both my and my moms life these past 2 months. I have learned how to be more calm, loving, and flexible in dealing with my mom. Mom has developed a friendshif with her caregiver. I have felt more at peace with having our caregiver at the house and taking mom out to the park.


Thanks again for the service your company provides,


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