Caregiver E-Mail Campaign to Restore the Companion Services Exemption

Many Independently Employed Caregivers registered with Abby Services have been impacted by changes to the way they are permitted to conduct business. This has resulted in many being limited to working less than 40 hours per week by their clients. Abby Services believes this is harmful to the caregivers we work together with. We have contacted our elected officials and encourage you to do the same. Below is a sample letter we urge you to insert the appropriate information and share your concerns. It s easy to do, here are links to get you started.

How to Email the White House

How to email your Senator

Dear Mr. President / Representative [insert last name] / Senator [insert last name]:

I have chosen to work as a self-employed home-care provider. Until recently, I have been able to choose my clients and determine when and where I would work. This all changed in 2015 when regulations went into effect that eliminated a 40-year-old companionship-services exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Now, my clients do not allow me to work more than 40 hours per week, which means that I need to find more clients or other types of work in order to continue earning the same amount that I earned prior to these regulations.

While I understand that President Obama thought he was going to help me earn more money by extending coverage of the FLSA to home care providers, it had the opposite effect for me. I now struggle to earn what I used to earn and sometimes earn less.  Please discuss this matter with Labor Secretary Acosta and urge that the DOL reverse those regulations and restore the companionship-services exemption, so I can regain control over my business and my life.

Thank you.

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