Another Deficiency Free Survey For Abby Services In-Home Care

aIt’s no surprise (and no small feat) that Abby Services has earned its 8th deficiency-free survey. Since we are surveyed every 2 years, this most recent survey brings the total number of deficiency-free years to 16 for Abby Services. What does it mean to be deficiency free? As a consumer, it means you are working with the best!  Think of it like getting a really good report card.

Home Care providers are facing increasing regulatory scrutiny with each passing year.  Abby Services continues to meet or exceed AHCA’s (The Agency for Healthcare’s) expectations every year! Our most recent state inspection confirms it: We received an A+! Or rather, a 100% deficiency-free survey.  It shows that ALL services provided,  exceed ALL state required standards.

Semi-Annual inspections are conducted by the Agency For Healthcare Administration. Surveyors arrive unannounced and over the course of a day, they interview caregivers & clients,  review procedures, and check records for compliance to regulations on care, confidentiality, caregiver screening, patient rights, and quality of services. Abby Services operates at the highest level of quality at all times. We never know when the ‘pop quiz’ will happen and our survey records show it.

An excellent state survey means you or your loved one can expect the highest level of service. This is an important factor when considering what In-Home Care Service to use. Some In-Home Care providers are cited for failing to do proper background screenings, failing to maintain specific state required training, or failing to even maintain a proper business license. These citations only identify issues that were found. Citations result in fines and corrective plans which have to be put in place and followed.  Licensed providers survey results can be reviewed here.

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