A Practical Approach to Facility Staffing

Nursing Facility Staffing

Do you need caregiver facility staffing in Fort Myers and Cape Coral?

If you are seeking caregiver staffing in Fort Myers or Cape Coral you have heard of Abby Services.

Abby Services has helped local residents and businesses find the best caregivers since 1997. In that time we have worked with many facilities to address their staffing needs.

With the exponential growth of the Senior Care Industry staffing shortages are inevitable. We would like to be your first choice when seeking short-term caregivers.

Reccomendations when seeking staffing support.

The following are recommendations we make to help our community partners find success when seeking staffing support:

  • Advance Notice: Facilities can’t always anticipate when additional staffing support will be necessary. However, to find good interim caregivers, more notice is always better.  If you anticipate more than one day will be needed let us know. You can always cancel should your facility staffing situation change.
  • Clear Expectations: We encourage all facilities to consider listing clear requirements/expectations for each shift. That way we can share these expectations with your caregiver to be sure they are aware of and meet your needs.
  • Cost: At Abby Services we pride ourselves on being one of our area’s most cost-efficient sources for private caregivers. When assisting with facility staffing, due to the unique challenges presented, caregivers cost more than is customary with private care. We have found that you get what you pay for.
  • Cancellation: Abby Services is proud of the flexible on-call caregiver options we can provide our partners. Sometimes you may need to cancel a caregiver you had scheduled. We encourage facilities to avoid this as it is a deterrent to good caregivers accepting opportunities. When necessary please provide as much advance notice as possible.
  • Set up a contract: The best time to make facility staffing arrangements is before you need facility staffing. We get calls from facilities in a frenzy seeking staff and we are able to help however it is always best to have a plan in place before you need us.

Contact us to provide a standard facility staffing contract if you would like to have a ready caregiver option in place. We are happy to consider any contracts an institution may already require.

Abby Services is not the only institution to identify best practices for facility staffing

We are also happy to discuss other ways we may be able to help you, your residents, your facility, and staff. Please call anytime. 239-590-0861

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